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Custom Packaging Design

Unipaq has a full staff of packaging engineers to design the perfect package to fit your needs. We can design packaging for your new product from the ground up, or revise an existing package that may not be working or costs too much. Our access to a vast array of materials gives us numerous options as to how we can protect your product and save you money.

Fulfillment Services for Packaging

Make Unipaq #1 on your list for packing and fulfillment. Unipaq has a team of fulfillment experts that can accommodate your request from a simple hand assembly to being your entire secondary department. We have the skilled labor and capacity to help you distribute your products. As your packaging and shipping supply specialist, we can accommodate requests that require multiple components, and provide the finished product to you or have our distribution department deliver them to your destinations around the world.

Foam-In-Place Packaging

Unipaq’s most versatile packaging product is our Foam-In-Place Cushioning System. Literally molding foam around the shape of ANY product, Foam-In-Place is ideal for packaging products of various sizes, shapes and weights. These custom cushions are made “on demand” at your packing station. The result is a foam cushion that is impact resistant, resilient, and lightweight, saving on transportation costs. And since Foam-In-Place isn’t formed until it is needed, it takes up a fraction of the space needed for fabricated foams, bubble wrap and other pre-made cushioning products.

Protective Foam Packaging

Custom designed foam packaging is a Unipaq specialty. We are experts at taking a new or existing product and designing a package that will withstand the abuse it receives during shipment. Drawing on our wide array of foam materials and densities available, Unipaq will create a pack unique to your product.

Air Pillows

Unipaq is proud to offer the AIRplus air pillow packaging system. Designed to cushion products within a shipping box, air pillows are effective, flexible, and easy to use. Their lightweight properties lower shipping costs. And because you’re creating the pillows on-demand, they require minimal storage space. Air pillows are also clean, and dust-free. Available in a variety of sizes, our pillows are strong yet also flexible.

The pillows are inflated using one of our 2 AIRplus machines, depending on your needs. The Mini is compact & quiet, and changing film rolls is a snap. It is ideal for smaller volume applications and in areas where space is tight. The Excel machine is our workhorse. Faster than the mini, the ...

Bubble & Foam Rolls

Unipaq carries a full line of bubble & foam rolls.
  • Bubble Rolls – including slit and perforated rolls
  • Anti-Static Bubble
  • Bubble Dispenser Packs
  • Bubble Mailers
  • Bubble Pouches
  • Bubble Rolls - Adhesive
  • Bubble Rolls - Cohesive
  • Foam Dispenser Packs
  • Foam Pouches
  • Foam Rolls including slit and perforated rolls
  • Foam Rolls - Anti-Static
  • Foam Rolls - Cohesive
  • Lavazza-box

    Custom Corrugated Cartons

    Whether it’s a custom size, a specific board grade, printing a simple 1 color logo, or an eye-catching labeled box, Unipaq has the expertise to make your corrugated carton work for you. Our customer’s top priority regarding their box is what goes inside of it. It’s our job to make sure that item is protected and presented in the best way possible.

    Triplewall Corrugated Containers

    Unipaq specializes in strong durable bulk containers made from quality triple wall corrugated to protect large, heavy and delicate products.

    As strong as wood, but over 50% lighter, triplewall corrugated will save you freight costs. And because they are so strong and durable, triplewall boxes can be used again and again.

    Edge Protectors / Cornerboards

    Unipaq’s superior quality edge protectors and cornerboard are manufactured in the United States from multiple layers of paperboard. We laminate the board and form it into a rigid right angle. The final product is a strong, protective piece of packaging that will safeguard your products, stabilize skid loads, and reduce shipping costs. They are versatile, environmentally-friendly and fully reusable/recyclable. Unipaq also offers the most competitive pricing on cornerboards in the industry.

    Corrugated and Chipboard Partitions

    Commonly referred to as “box dividers”, partitions are a type of packaging that separates and unitizes products to protect them during shipment. Using interlocking pads of paperboard, partitions create smaller compartments, or “cells”, within a larger container. The purpose is to protect individual items from one another within the shipping box. Without partitions, items might bang into one another or topple, causing product damage.

    Cross Gauge Stretch Film

    Unipaq introduces our new high performance Cross Gauge machine & hand stretch film.

    Utilizing a new advancement in resin technology, Unipaq is proud to offer this new cross gauge film to compete with films of much higher thicknesses. Produced with state-of-the-art 7 layer extrusion equipment, this revolutionary cast stretch film has the performance of a standard film, but at a reduced gauge. This not only allows customers to “Go Green” by using less material, but also helps reduce packaging costs significantly. It’s perfect for replacing standard 70, 80, and 90 gauge films.

    Plastic and Steel Strapping


    Tapes, Labels, Packing List Envelopes



    Unipaq carries all types of Polybags to fit your packaging program. Whether it’s a simple 2 x 2 stock bag, a 4 color printed bag, or a huge pallet cover, golly do we have the poly!


    Unipaq has warehousing services for 2 reasons:
    1. To cut down on lead times for products that usually take several weeks to produce.
    2. To free up valuable space in our customers’ facilities.
    Many times, custom products are needed on a just-in-time basis, but they take weeks to manufacture. Unipaq solves this problem by stocking your custom packaging in our warehouse so it is available immediately.

    In addition, many of our products like large boxes and big foam cushions take up a significant amount of warehouse space. For customers who can’t afford to tie up this valuable storage room in their plant, Unipaq will stock these items in our warehouse, shipping them only when the customer requests, and ...
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