• Protective Foam Packaging

    Custom designed foam packaging is a Unipaq specialty. We are experts at taking a new or existing product and designing a package that will withstand the abuse it receives during shipment. Drawing on our wide array of foam materials and densities available, Unipaq will create a pack unique to your product. Our solutions-driven team considers:

    • The weight and fragility of your product
    • What damage your product is getting now or has seen in past shipments
    • How you ship (FedEx/UPS or on skids)
    • How many of these items you ship in a given period
    • The amount of space your plant has to store packaging material
    • The dollar amount you have allocated to your packaging
    Taking these factors into consideration, we will design and build a free prototype for you. You can use this prototype to test an actual shipment to see how our pack performs. You can also use it to get feedback from your customers and packaging department. We use these suggestions and critiques to build a final package that will meet everyone's approval.

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  • Foam In Place Packaging

    Unipaq's most versatile packaging product is our Foam-In-Place Cushioning System. Literally molding foam around the shape of any product, Foam-In-Place is ideal for packaging products of various sizes, shapes and weights. These custom cushions are made "on demand" at your packing station. The result is a foam cushion that is impact resistant, resilient, and lightweight, saving on transportation costs. and since Foam-In-Place isn't formed until it is needed, it takes up a fraction of the space needed for fabricated foams, bubble wrap and other pre-made cushioning products.

    Foam-In-Place is particularly popular with businesses involved in Reverse Logistics, Remanufacturing, and Refurbishing. When packing hundreds of different products, all with different shapes and sizes, Foam-In-Place is a smart packaging choice to handle everything.

    We have 2 different foam dispensing systems: The MD50 Foam-in-Bag machine, which produces foam-filled bags, and the EZ100 Direct Hand-held system. For more information on both systems, click on the specifications below.

    Unipaq also has a staff of skilled service technicians to ensure your Foam-In-Place machines are operating at peak efficiency. Responding to most calls within 24 hours, our techs will be at your facility quickly to service your foam machine and have you packing again in no time.

  • Custom Corrugated Boxes

    Whether it's a custom size, a specific board grade, printing a simple 1 color logo, or an eye-catching labeled box, Unipaq has the expertise to make your corrugated carton work for you. Our customer's top priority regarding their box is what goes inside of it. It's our job to make sure that item is protected and presented in the best way possible.

    We carry all grades of board: B-Flute, C-Flute, E-Flute, BC Double wall, and many more flute sizes and combinations. They are available in kraft, klay-white, and bleach-white colors.

    We make every box style imaginable, from a typical regular slotted container (RSC) to more intricate die-cut boxes.

    We take into consideration the fragility of the product, its weight, how it will ship and how far, how much space is available to store it, and how a customer will perceive it. We will make as few as 25 boxes or thousands of them, each at a very economical price. Turnaround times depend upon how customized the box is, but lead times usually range from 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks. With any custom box, we will generate a full prototype, complete with printing proofs, for you to inspect and adjust if necessary.

    Give us a call with your ideas, and we'll work with you to make sure your box does exactly what you need it to do, on time, and at a fair price.

  • Triplewall Corrugated Containers

    Unipaq specializes in strong durable bulk containers made from quality triple wall corrugated to protect large, heavy and delicate products.

    As strong as wood, but over 50% lighter, triplewall corrugated will save you freight costs. And because they are so strong and durable, triplewall boxes can be used again and again.

    We carry several stock sizes for customers only needing a limited number of cartons. For those larger specialty projects, we can custom design triplewall boxes to your specifications. This includes custom sizing, specific pallet configurations, and printing the containers with your company's graphics.

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  • Protective Wood Packaging

    For larger, heavier products, Unipaq offers protective packaging from our wood materials design department.

    Drawing upon our extensive selection of packaging materials, Unipaq can create a heavy-duty packaging solution specifically for your valuable product. These materials include hardwoods, high-density foam, light & heavy-duty corrugated boxboard, and much more. We will design and build a full-size prototype for you to inspect, test-ship, and review with your customers to make sure it meets everyone's approval. We offer heat-treated woods that meet international shipping requirements and that are export compliant.

    Stackable, constructed, collapsible, reusable, export, air cargo, storage, Unipaq has it all!

  • Edge Protectors / Cornerboards

    Introducing Unipaq's newest innovative packaging product: CROSSGAUGE EDGE PROTECTORS.

    We are able to reduce the wall thickness of our cornerboard by 25% without sacrificing strength. The result will save you money, protect your skid loads, expand storage space (more boards per skid), and help the environment by using less material.

    • Available in White or Kraft
    • Printing available
    • Strongest board on the market
    • Fully wrapped board
    • Reusable & Recyclable
    Samples of our CROSSGAUGE EDGE PROTECTORS are available upon request. Compare them to the cornerboard you are using now, and start saving money.

    Commonly referred to as "box dividers", partitions are a type of packaging that separates and unitizes products to protect them during shipment. Using interlocking pads of paperboard, partitions create smaller compartments, or "cells", within a larger container. The purpose is to protect individual items from one another within the shipping box. Without partitions, items might bang into one another or topple, causing product damage.

    In addition to safely packaging the items within a box, partitions also provide supplemental stacking strength to a box through the use of their vertical walls.

    Partions come in several standard sizes, as well as custom sizes, depending upon your particular project's requirements. We can make the partitions from corrugated or chipboard material. We also offer several coatings for the board to reduce abrasion and potential scratching of your product. They are recyclable, reusable, and made in the USA.

    Give Unipaq a call today for a free consultation to see if partitions can help protect your valuable products.

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