Unipaq is proud to offer the AIRplus air pillow packaging system. Designed to cushion products within a shipping box, air pillows are effective, flexible, and easy to use. Their lightweight properties lower shipping costs. And because you're creating the pillows on-demand, they require minimal storage space. Air pillows are also clean, and dust-free. Available in a variety of sizes, our pillows are strong yet also flexible.
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N/A The pillows are inflated using one of our 2 AIRplus machines, depending on your needs. The Mini is compact & quiet, and changing film rolls is a snap. It is ideal for smaller volume applications and in areas where space is tight. The Excel machine is our workhorse. Faster than the mini, the Excel machine is designed for high volume usage. It can be placed on a tabletop, or mounted on one of our stands that hold up to 3 additional rolls of film for non-stop production.

Working with air pillows could not be easier. As they come out of our machines, they are linked together in a continuous strand. There are perforations between each pillow allowing packers to separate the pillows into sizes that will best work for them. Many of our customers utilize mesh carts we provide to tote large amount of pillows throughout the plant. The hoppers come with wheels for maneuverability. For large volume customers, we install a ceiling-mounted hopper above the packing area that is loaded with pillows from machines at each end. When the hopper reaches a certain low point, electric eyes trigger the machines to engage and refill the hopper. Workers simply pull pillows from the hopper as they are packing on the fly. It's very efficient and takes up no floor or packing area space.

Unipaq's air pillows are also environmentally friendly. The film is reusable and recyclable. And when deflated, they take up minimal space in your recycling bin.

We also offer custom printed airpillows, with your company name or logo printed on the film. Ask your representative for details.

If you're looking for a quality packaging system that protects your products, and saves time, space, and shipping costs, then Unipaq's air pillows are for you.

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