The leading trend in the packaging industry presently is making our products friendly to our environment. Unipaq is leading the way with these innovative products below.

Whether it is using sustainable materials, recycling or reuse objectives, or simply getting the same job done using less packaging, we have something for every project.
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N/A Introducing! Weatherproof & Recyclable Eco-Shield Corrugated Boxes!

Our revolutionary Eco-Shield boxes are made using recycled plastic water bottles. The finished product is a corrugated box that can withstand exposure to the elements. They are water-repellant and moisture resistant. The many benefits include:
  • Weatherproof and 100% recyclable
  • Our triplewall boxes are significantly lighter that wooden crates = freight savings
  • Less space to store and quicker to assemble than wood crates
  • Excellent stacking strength
  • One truckload of Eco-Shield boxes recycles 70,000 plastic water bottles
  • Oil, grease, and water resistant
  • Reusable
  • Available in single, double, and triple wall corrugated board thicknesses

Eco-Shield Images


Triplewall Corrugated Containers - 2


N/A Hexacomb is a smart environmental cushioning alternative to foam in many applications. It is 100% paper-based, less expensive than high-end foams, reusable and recyclable, and provides excellent protection. Our design team particularly likes the versatility of Hexacomb and all of the different packaging products that they can make from it.

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Protective Corrugated Cushioning Designs

N/A Our talented corrugated design team uses all grades of corrugated board to create practical, protective packaging. We utilize the thickness of the box flutes, the strength of the board, and the environment when conceptualizing the pack.

The results can be quite surprising. With a single piece of corrugated paperboard, we can effectively protect a product for a fraction of the price of higher end alternatives. They are environmentally friendly, made from 100% paper. And lastly, all of these designs ship flat, making effective use of your storage space.

Protective Corrugated Cushioning Designs Images


Picture Frame Pack

Edge Proteqtors

N/A Introducing Unipaq’s newest innovative packaging product – EDGE PROTEQTORS.

We are able to reduce the wall thickness of our cornerboard by 25% without sacrificing strength. The result will save you money, protect your skid loads, expand storage space (more boards per skid), and help the environment by using less material.
  • Available in White or Kraft
  • Printing available
  • Strongest board on the market.
  • Fully wrapped board
  • Reusable & Recyclable
Samples of Proteqtors are available upon request. Compare them to the cornerboard you are using now, and start saving money.

Edge Proteqtors Images

Edge Protectors / Cornerboards

Edge Protectors / Cornerboards - 2

Plastic Corrugated

N/A Returnable & Reusable Packaging is a product line for which we get many requests. Reverse logistics, AV Rental, Refurbishing and Remanufacturing are all industries that benefit from returnable packaging.

We use plastic corrugated material to design rigid, durable shipping containers that will endure many repeat shipments. Plastic corrugated packaging can be customized with Velcro closures, sonic-welded sides for added strength, and foam cushion interiors. And because customers get repeated shipments using this packaging, it is environmentally-friendly, since the same package will be used again and again.

Plastic Corrugated Images

Reusable Foam Pack 1

Reusable Foam Pack 2

Reusable Foam Pack 3

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